Weekly Privacy Update: 11th March 2022

Week‌ ‌In‌ ‌Review‌

It was an eventful week for data privacy with new proposals, GDPR fines, and court rulings. The privacy concerns for users seem to be rising with governments increasingly tightening regulations for companies.

This week, noyb started the second round against deceptive cookie banners and sent a total of 270 drafts complaints to website owners for violating the GPDR.

As a result of the first batch in 2021, a growing number of websites have begun to use compatible banners. Even websites that were not targeted by noyb have improved due to the “spillover” effect, stated the authority.

Read the biggest stories in this Privacy Update. See you next week!

Top Stories And Updates

Meta And Mozilla Collaborate On Privacy-Preserving Ad Tech

Mozilla and Meta have teamed on new advertising technology, Interoperable Private Attribution (IPA), allowing advertisers to track campaign performance across devices and browsers without collecting user data. It also employs Multi-Party Computation (MPC) to ensure that no one can track consumers who interact with advertisements. Read more here.

UK High Court Proceed Investigation On TikTok Child’s Privacy Lawsuit

A UK High Court judge allowed a class-action privacy case against TikTok over its handling of children’s data to proceed. The lawsuit seeks damages on behalf of millions of children for the alleged misuse of their personal information, and if it is successful, TikTok might be forced to pay billions of dollars in compensation. Read more here.

EU Commission Announced New Data Act

The EU Commission has proposed a new EU Data Act, which establishes new rules for data sharing and is part of the EU’s mission to become a data-agile economic leader. The Act will implement the Data Governance Act, which was passed last year, and establishes a legal framework for sharing non-personal data. The draught Data Act will be subject to manufacturers of products and services in the EU, such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices and cloud service providers. Read more here.

Garante Fines Clearview Al €20M And Orders To Delete Citizens Biometric Data

Italy’s data protection authorities announced a €20 million fine for violating European legislation, as well as ordering the controversial firm to dump any data it has on Italians and prohibiting it from processing people’s facial biometrics in the future. After receiving “complaints and reports, it launched an investigation,” indicating that the company had been tracking Italian citizens and violating privacy laws. Read more here.

Upcoming Webinar: “The UK’s New Data Protection Framework: Role Of Technology.”

Seers has organised a webinar on 17th March to highlight the impact of the UK’s constantly evolving regulatory landscape, new data privacy legislation, and framework.

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This speaker will discuss a broad range of topics, including:

  • The UK Withdrawal Agreement and the framework for the UK-EU future relationship,
  • Essential requirements to implement a privacy program in a modern business environment,
  • How to ensure compliance with new data protection and privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, CNIL, etc.,
  • What are some “tips and tricks” to design a customer transparency journey?
  • The role of technology in proactive business operations along with the privacy program.

Our well-known privacy experts will present their real-world experiences in assisting businesses in implementing emerging tech products to operationalise data privacy compliance.

Key Speakers:

Eleonor Duhs (Head of Data Privacy — Bates Wells LLP)

Ralph O’Brien (Global Privacy & Security Advisor — REINBO Consulting)


Zahra Shah (Co-Founder, Non-Executive Director — Seers)

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