Weekly Privacy Update: 25th February 2022

Alex Reed
3 min readFeb 28, 2022


Week‌ ‌In‌ ‌Review‌

This week is exciting as Seers has released new features for consent management, enabling our customers to meet the legal requirements for GDPR, CNIL, CCPA, and ePrivacy compliance.

The new cookie banner features allow website owners to automate compliance and increase website accessibility with more excellent acceptance rates.

What’s new in the latest release?

  • WCAG Compliant banner,
  • Child Privacy,
  • Facebook Pixel Consent Mode,
  • Unlimited Subdomains, and more.

The new features are now available on the platform and meet the needs of all customers.

For more information: Click here

We will keep you updated with the upcoming features in the future but for now, enjoy this week’s top privacy news and stories!

Top Stories And Updates

Meta Will Pay $90M To Settle Lawsuit Over Tracking Users Activity<>

Meta, the parent company of Facebook (FB), has agreed to pay $90 million to settle a ten-year class-action lawsuit over a practice that allowed the social network to track users’ online activity long after they had signed off. The settlement is one of the largest in the company’s history, but it’s unlikely to influence the $590 billion internet behemoth’s bottom line. Read more here.

Google Plans To Restrict Cross-App Tracking On Android Phones

Google announced plans to restrict the tracking of consumer behaviour across apps on Android mobiles. After Apple’s limits on the digital ad market last year, Google’s proposals could be the final blow. But unlike Apple, Google’s approach and timeframe are open-ended, so we’ll learn more about how they’ll find a balance between privacy and business in the future, especially with growing scrutiny in Europe. Learn more here.

California Announces A New Bill To Safeguard Child Privacy Online

On 17th February, California announced a new bill to protect children’s data online. It is based on the recently enacted children’s code in the UK, and it is part of global development of necessary regulations on outsiders. The bill, known as the California age-appropriate design-code bill, will require many internet businesses to limit the amount of data they gather from children. This category includes the world’s biggest tech platforms, such as the Meta Group and Google’s Youtube. Read more here.

Dutch DPA Urges Companies To Stop Using IAB Framework For Online Tracking

The Dutch data and privacy authority (AP) urges websites to immediately stop using the IAB Europe tracking system. According to estimates, 80% of all European apps and websites use the system. The authority stated that the IAB Framework violates the GDPR by selling personal data to advertisers unauthorised. The IAB Europe’s systems keep track of internet user behaviour and the data collected is sold to advertisers at auction. Read more here.

Upcoming Webinar: “The UK’s New Data Protection Framework: Role Of Technology”

Seers has organised a webinar on “The UK’s New Data Protection Framework: Role of Technology” on 17th March at 16:00 GMT.

Key speakers:

Zahra Shah (Co-Founder, Non-Executive Director — Seers)

Eleonor Duhs (Head of Data Privacy — Bates Wells LLP)

Ralph O’Brien (Global Privacy & Security Advisor — REINBO Consulting)

Please register for free here.

This webinar will discuss the impact of the UK’s constantly evolving regulatory landscape, new data privacy legislation, and framework.

This speaker will discuss a broad range of topics, including:

  • The UK Withdrawal Agreement and the framework for the UK-EU future relationship,
  • Essential requirements to implement a privacy program in a modern business environment,
  • How to ensure compliance with new data protection and privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, CNIL, etc.,
  • What are some “tips and tricks” to design a customer transparency journey?
  • The role of technology in proactive business operations along with the privacy program.

Our well-known privacy experts will present their real-world experiences in assisting businesses in implementing emerging tech products to operationalise data privacy compliance.

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